Cybersecurity Engineer

Chip Scan is seeking Junior and Senior cybersecurity candidates with an interest in developing products used in the design of embedded systems and FPGAs. Our customers span the DoD and commercial space and you will be contributing on a small technical team. Applicants should email a resume to with the subject line containing Graduate, Researcher, Experienced depending on whether you're a pending/recent grad, seeking a security research position, or coming in with experience. 

What We're Looking For

01. Degree in Electrical or Computer Science/Engineering 

02. Interest in microelectronics or digital logic design

03. Current possession or eligibility to possess a United States secret clearance

04. Knowledge of communication protocols and RFCs

05. Experience with EDA tools and hardware design workflows

06. Interest in Cybersecurity


Product Manager

Chip Scan is seeking an ambitious cybersecurity product manager prepared to guide the transition of the ESPY product to our commercial customers.

What We're Looking For

01.  Prior experience in a cybersecurity commercial product

02.  Good track record interfacing with customer service, marketing, engineering, and customers

03.  Experience with rack appliance products

04.  Marketing communication skills are a plus

Capture Specialist

Chip Scan is seeking a successful Director-level candidate with strong experience bidding and winning competitive non-R&D electronics and/or cybersecurity acquisitions contracts.

What We're Looking For

01. Carries the responsibility, authority, and accountability to lead and execute activities in order to secure winning bids in late stage R&D and cybersecurity acquisitions contracts for digital microelectronics

02. A minimum of 5 years experience including demonstrable ability and knowledge of the full capture management life cycle

03. Active trusted network across federal agencies and DoD

04. Bachelor's degree from an accredited University


Chip Scan is seeking pre-graduation interns with an interest in hardware, chip design and cybersecurity in the New York City metro area.

Internships are available with a defined starting and ending date, with a designed project similar to actual operational projects to promote learning objectives. We may calibrate these projects to align with student curriculum as needed.


What We're Looking For

01. Within 2 years of graduation from an accreditted University and located in the New York City metro area

02. Interns will be assigned to a hardware cybersecurity project

03. Requires strong interest in cybersecurity, digital microelectronics and working in a startup

04. Highly motivated; prepared to learn and contribute