ESPY Prequal Appliance

Government and commercial organizations are rapidly adopting Zero Trust and now require this level of security down to the microelectronics level. ESPY Prequal Appliance provides fast, scalable and continuous scanning of in-house and third-party IP cores. It identifies and defends against unintended or undocumented features and backdoors being integrated into your design. It is seemlessly operates in parallel with your existing EDA tools. ESPY Prequal assesses the cyber vulnerability of your design in continuous development environments and is appropriate for certification pre-qualification use cases. ESPY may be used stand-alone or as part of a certified supply chain.




On-Prem Appliance


IP/Design does not go to the cloud

DoD 5400.44 Compliance

Appropriate for secure environments

Scans third party IP

Assurance Workflow

ESPY integrates into design workflow and provides continuous assurance.


Detects unintended functionality

Detects backdoors and implants

Defend against compromise designs

Minimal FTE Impact



ESPY runs on a single appliance for smaller projects. Scales up to larger projects. 


Designed for continuous integration

Prequal results flow into full certification tests

Lightweight validation (no golden model required)

Appliance Hardware Specs

ESPY Prequal Appliance is available as a 2U appliance in either Single Developer or Group/Enterprise configurations. 


Input Flows Supported

ESPY Prequal Appliance supports high-level RTL source code or synthesized gate lists. ESPY supports gate lists produced by all current CAD tools and is broadly compatible with most flows.

ESPY Prequal Appliance
Developer Edition

Available as a Desktop Appliance

ESPY Prequal Appliance Enterprise Edition

Available as a 2U rackable appliance.

Technical Specifications

ESPY is tool agnostic and is broadly compatible with most CAD tools.


High-level RTL source code or synthesized gate list support. Broadly compatible with code written in Verilog 2005.


Local interface available for scripting and integration with existing workflow.  Web interface for manual analysis.

Reuse and Certification

ESPY optionally integrates with Chip Scan's security-as-a-service attestation and cloud locker service. Prequal may be used as a prequalification tool prior to submission of IP blocks for supply chain certification.