Our tools result in measurably secure semiconductor products.

DoD 5200.44 Compliance

The Department of Defense requires advanced microelectronics and represents over half of the $3.1B military and aerospace device market (2011). Vendors are expected to comply with 5200.44, where cyber assurance measures are taken commensurate with criticality of the system deliverables. DoD expects designers to factor in supply chain risk management, cybersecurity, hardware and software assurance to ensure trustworthiness.

ESPY Prequal Appliance

ESPY Prequal Appliance provides fast, scalable and continuous scanning of digital microelectronics IP cores. ESPY provides design stage cyber assurance against unintended features, backdoors and implants in your design.

About ESPY

Backdoor digital microelectronics in 5 minutes or less

Learn about how adversaries can implement and hide their payloads. This whitepaper details general strategies useful for triggering attacks and camouflaging implants within digital microelectronics.

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