About Us

In order to build a trusted hardware supply chain organically, we recommend the use of appropriate tools and technologies within each critical stage. Examples include malware detection tools specific to verilog/VHDL, gatelists, GDS-II, and bitstreams as well as machine learning and machine vision for providing complete authentication and security from initial development through to integration and delivery of a final system.  


Office of Naval Research Contract #N0001417SB001

OSD SBIR Contract #N0001416C2036

Air Force CRADA #15-RI-CRADA-05


The Team

CEO - Dr. Simha Sethumadhavan 

COO - Calvin Chu

Head of Engineering - Jason Lowdermilk

Junior Software Engineer - Jamie Mullins

Junior Software Engineer - Frankie Guzikowski

History of the Company

Invented at Columbia University

2010 Patents filed.

2011 Patents filed.

2013 Patents filed.

2015 Patents filed.

Spun out as a new startup

2014 Spun out from Columbia University.

2014 Won first Navy contract.

2015 Won DARPA subcontract.

2015 Won Air Force CRADA.

Commercial Transition

2017 Granted exclusive worldwide commercialization license.

2018 Achieved TRL 7.